Lemonade EP

by Cavalier

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schlubotnik thumbnail
schlubotnik cus this world leadin music jazz stuff with free hearted love given helpers help creative mary jane freedom & peace lyrics advantage style is fillin me up n refresh my shaky humanism .. u know?
lorenzo Del Jinko
lorenzo Del Jinko thumbnail
lorenzo Del Jinko Are you kidding?? This album is a damn classic! Every single track on this project is bananas!!! Heavy Crown is #1 pick. Great production from Iman as promised. Def a must get!
Mark Patton
Mark Patton thumbnail
Mark Patton Content, character, spirit are important and overlooked components of Hip-Hop music. This Lemonade recipe has just the right mix of all of those. We need to listen to and talk more about this project. That's why we're featuring it during #thelistening chat next Thursday at 9PM. www.amplifiher.com
virgosapphire thumbnail
virgosapphire Kudos for this dope abstract EP. love the chill vibes that make me zone out from the world. Favorite track: Dat Lah.
Cameron Jackson
Cameron Jackson thumbnail
Cameron Jackson I like the vibes on this tape. Really chill, easy to listen to. Favorite track: Heavy Crown.
David McCullough
David McCullough thumbnail
David McCullough There are so many layers to this record. I've played it more times than I can count for a long time now. It never gets old and never stops revealing itself. Incredible project. Favorite track: The Dirge.
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Cavalier and Iman Omari release their anticipated collaborative project "LemOnade" on the Vibe Music Collective imprint. Featuring contributions from P.U.D.G.E., Norvis Jr., and frequent collaborator Quelle Chris, the project was conceived and recorded primarily during the duo's stint in New Orleans.
"LemOnade" is a sincere, rough edged, intimate dose which plays more like a score than your average "mixtape".


released September 23, 2015

Written by Cavalier
Prod by Iman Omari (except where noted)
Mixed by Iman Omari and BaeBro
Special thanks to Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
Album photos by Kalada Halliday @BKLYNBikeSupply
Executive produced by Cavalier & Iman Omari
Recorded in New Orleans, Austin, & Newark
Vibe Music Collective


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Dedicadance
"What do you do everyday? What you do everyday, you know, that's what you're about. That's what you're on. I think. These thoughts.. I do this everyday. Let me hit that one more time."


I'm trynna hold to things my momma told me
Untying from all the wrongs my poppa showed me
Shouts to the crack babies, that mean all of us
We in the trap cuz captains and officers be at war wit us
Sages in these streets of rage, housing mean that people caged,
we prosper via proxy oxy moronic,
even the prophets need a decent wage,
'for the Milo hit the mouths of babes
I know a missle silo settin aim, at a house of clay
My bodega ahki greet me like "yo" we both the same
He used to keep a picture of him like 8, holdin an AK
no frame from your Crate and Barrel
the riddle from the sphinx is how can you escape from the arrow
wit the lasso if you only walk the straight and narrow
Could travel Soul plane's flight plan to a City of los angelese
The lamb could never go ham
but jammed Barmitzvahs at the hammerstein
I'm a worldly man it seems
Track Name: New Flip
We was dealers not killers
didn't give a middle finger if they didn't feel us
Instead of flippin pizzles now it's really how you bill us
They thinkin' that they real, I just let they gas fill up like boy
That jazz get tossed, Uncle Phillip out the door
Adoyee imbecile let them devils cut your deal
I'm a rebel, seventh seal open up sesame
Only one leaf left on the scale refugee recipe
These the breaks, them the stakes
They like mine "too ornate", my order gourmet
Keep eye your way yute, you all in my plate yute
The way I'm trynna play it don't require your play book
Let the paper collate and find an escape route
My Dijonaise is having trees and a dame to relate to
And you chillin with them bishes? My wisdom look delicious
She know the scripture scroll a swisher, help me find a buena vista
I'm going for consistent hard ice, steam or the liquid
It's all water when you know efficience

Verse 2
My shine haveth no chill, brilliance
All cut no pill can't build resilience
Race to be king of the hill top, before I'm over the hill
or top rated in my field or Nielsen's
Build with the Gs, we're the guild of the last dying breeds
we're skilled with the peel and the squeeze
See I got the juice for the spoils, no spilt milk for this cheese
Bedroom bully Tea since she's a beach not a tease
Catch me with a sweet bag of guineps, in a cul-de-sac
Coolin with my sack in the breeze, she a pin-up
But try to foil it's a Reynolds, cuz a nigga aint wrapped too tight
Loose leaves, hit it when it's fat and it's kickin Bruce Bruce Lees
Chief all about his business, some got the gab but not the gift
I'm Lil' Mo, Gabby Sidibe that's Super Star, Precious
Son doolop, is prove tested
Throw the line out, it go deep proficient
Track Name: Your Brain On Drøøgs
"Guess what? The lake of fire does exist. Hear? And you're either gonna wind up in immortal glorification or the lake of fire where the doomed of all ages mingle and commingle their voices, in such a diabolical way that it's inconceivable to man's mortal consciousness"

Verse 1

Prototype poetry innoculate em
chemtrail trace odor to they face
html code, culture copy and paste
college fund say my mind is terrible to waste
but still I find peril in the streets
These aint bars if the words are free
Each paragraph wise for kids who got no paras
or with I.E.P.s
Where they make dreams surrender
same streets the seeds arrested
The beast is tempted
Our memories and our mummies dismembered
they even selling off our placentas
got my old earth and the whole earth off center
my axis tormented, once bitten only sip the apple fermented
ripple effects; kids
beware of these droogs, strangers with candy
we're dazed and confused, thug's the new dandy
you can still find me riding dirty, Broadway and Chauncey
Hopes are still haunted, when my jewels form it's Infinity Gauntlet
Knock knock, door steps
The paint is aged but it's shiny
still rocking 'Lo that I copped in the 90s
but there's something bout the timing
Granny's hymnal like "devil get behind me"

Verse 2

If you can't see or be yourself, your mirror's broken
That's not the point of smokin' you're caught up in the moment
They got your voice tapped
what you gonna do
Destruction to the source, swine flu or typhoon
cuz if it was really about how much the pot roast exotic smoke
dope quotables, concubines with the flyest chochas
it'd be too much to quote, overkill,
murder he wrote, thrill seeking
the drill they run to will against my Kujichagulia
I know Maroons who teach and goons who got careers
and they say "Beware of these droogs.."
Only lead to ulcers, Eagle finds a vulture
let's take a Tebow knee-grow league, lord help us
Can't see what we believe, they've applied all filters
and from the wings the fade heavenly
pen got jade energy, Iman like an imam bless this bomb
so I could Tel Aviv, return of the knight black
Bela Lugosi, ghost of the White-flight
The new organic grocery don't sell my old spice... chill
Track Name: Inna Di Dance
Ayo I come inna di dance with a spliff of Sensi x 3
I come inna di dance widdit
I send mine to my heavenly father to whom I give thanks and praise
Come again I said I'm born with grace from my holy mother
whom giveth mine my first day
< as I stand up from my palace sippin from my chalice >
Aye son, move at a constant I'm lighting mine here you pose a bomb threat
You're not reading the signs here, you're out of context
Reaching like you have a mind to, let me make you conscious like "Oh no"
With no flinching I see dem hand inch out, mind fixing to hit mine
Like dem blowing a kiss out, like "Oh no"
On my job give dem a print out
Though we clean up nice, still give dem a rinse out, wash you
don't lock eyes, got the third one wide, wired high from my tetrahydro
Can I glide through, the Jedi, red eye, sense bad viddibes like antennae
Keep cypher sealed tight Samsonite
You know Moses stand on Mount Sinai
Burning bush, my Kush only gods I stand by

I come inna di dance with a spliff of Sensi
Track Name: Heavy Crown
Verse 1
Still giving a fuck though if I keep it basic
not trynna waste it over thinking patience racing to hold a fluid thought
with confusing forks on my walkway, the musk "Strangé"
but when it comes to this boom, nigga we Pompei <all day>
Could lick the sweat off the cheek of it, so close
Something to roast, So-Co, toast
when time's hard I draw my high magician card
measure the distance of what's missing it's by design, hit the spot
They merely study ways to be famous they not taming their lizard brain
They don't see the plain nor the rain in the desert
They don't know what he tapping into, what he put in his vein
They numb to the pain, the effervescent
Still, all these indecent horrors still harbor a decent aura got to
Start feeling sorry for yourself the army of darkness got you
Shouts to my brother Troy, sorry I aint get to stop you
from offing yourself, what could I offer you as possible
Faces I still see in the crowd like constellations
The space between dreaming and drowning like a conversation
Some only seek the laws of preservation
I've made it this far today must be my coronation, king me.

I'm trynna make it all across the board, king me x8

Verse 2
After I'm gone play my shit backwards, flash of a sulfur match
Let the flame capture the spirit of my message after the fact
Cuz it was more "Stay Black" than it was Maybach dippin
though I was flippin the bird at flatfoots, flippin a pack like flapjacks
Smoke em down to the filter, some of the acts was abstract
Smiles crack, backs get bitten
written off files, tax break victims hittin the days payroll
We overcast smoke, grey skulls
Same fate for bae bro, "too little too late", like a day old, same ole
survey saying I aint escaping unscathed
Serving your life or serving for murdering your own chains
Cliche they say for Black men to say they're kings
But on replay they blast every way they think they we aint
Bearing a heavy cross at every station
I've brought it this far, today must be my coronation, king me

Track Name: Commitment
Commitment, to this energy
writing it down from memory so it's preserved
Commited, often stated like it's dedication or maybe I've observed
Commitment, when you believe so faithfully
that your peoples check you in like "you crazy G"
Commitment, you committed

Verse 1
First crime committed didn't mean to mislead you
to believe I was single, whatever that means
I know you can smell her on me
Holding you back like me verse an army
bashful, the mask you accessory to this collabo
but then walk past looking back like at me like yo
Fast forward many orgasmic splash boatloads, tadpoles <you asshole>
How to ruin a birthday party
Let them both be invited, show up sloppy drunk, don't say you're sorry
You thought she wouldn't attend?
It's a life event, oh right we playing pretend like this might could end
in our best interest
We should be committed, commitment


Verse 2
Who's at your side when your momma dies
When pride aint let you apologize
Who lets it slide, turns a blind eye
When nighty nights turn to white lies
Oh, you thought you were fooling somebody, right
I chose to stay when you went astray
and chose to lay with your ex when I was on vacay with the fam
I must be fucking crazy
We should be committed
Track Name: Dat Lah
I hit it hard, I hit it deep x 6

What happens when that bad juju hits this good mojo
who wrapped my good good in this old fronto
full scans of the who's who's makes ya fam look so-so
Your cast do get "boos" your show gets canceled
This not braggadocio, bravado, machismo
When I dismount it's bravo and my brothers el mismo
You know Cavito bang and Iman got beats though
I'm just saying to you, I'm not playing with you
It's easy to catch a wave, Sign(sine) up or cosign(cosine)
who's destined to ride the crest though?
Cowabunga glide, it gets easy after the grey
my night's black on every day
Fireworks look nice in the sky, I smile lighting up mine
and hit it hard, hit it deep
From sleep I depart but got soul to keep
Dusk and day break dust to dust full sweep
It's a lot that can happen between now and a dream
I hit it hard, I hit it deep x 4
Track Name: The Dirge
It's unfair, I got them looking for their second line
but don't fret mon frere, I'm like "oh yeah"
two stepping on your second line
We out here, but in the house at the same time
X 2

Long horn, blood spilling through the bugle
got to stretch your noodle longer just to make it through tomorrow
Duly noted, this not just doodling thoughts
This the type of boogaloo at your funeral march
ever since Mulignans, got em thinking it's cool to call me "Moolie"
if my goonie-goo-goos here that they'd be duly departed
They clearly never seen Bamboozled how they do Delacroix
or reared the fruit of Islam
Quote Pootie Tang on em like,
fuckin stupid if you thinking that's a muted response
Strong arm only Louis, no 13th or Vuitton
Keep you in my loop but watch my boomerang toss
I'm always on the move cuz I'm always in route to Brooknam
Don't be confused, spit it fluently
Can't take me to school, got truancy issues at large
Inshallah the feds aint pursuing me
I'm just doing me or so it seems until they google my art

Chorus X 2
Track Name: Tuck & Roll ft Quelle Chris, Iman Omari
Verse 1 Quelle Chris
It's like moths to the
lost, like thoughts to the lit up
this the Anthem the H to the ez-L
I'm caught up in the moment grab a plate for your bo
Fuck ducks in a row I just hope there's enough roaches
to fill this blunt or that bowl, short term goals
Guess I'm successful in that light but that's like
as far as it goes, so
Peep the linear notes
this the song that the world wrote
that I decided to quote for yal
Still the same shallow nigga saying deep shit
chants that I learned in the deep pit
How many burns on my index
concerned texts from contacts just add to the off beat
I heard this pattern first flipped by the cross streets 'fo
they auto synched with my heart beat bro.

Chorus Iman Omari
You wanna know, how and where do we go
All we need is a tuck and a roll
All we need is the bass and some soul
All we need is the good vibes and so on... On on on

Verse 2 Cavalier
If the creek don't rise, the body count will
Everybody dies in the summer
La petite mort that time always seems to tell
meantime got five on a dime or five on a number
Heat of the night got this pile of
milestone problems disguised as your lover
A sweet syrup to serenade, it's only on lean
because I can't seem to set it straight
In keys only sung by the feigns,
everything cold like the survival isle
She kill me with the head she my Kali ma
There's divinity in here I smoke the dalai lah
Lay flat to this sticky trap, this a household issue
after those words out my mouth, I doubt she kiss you
regret tastes like cigarette second hand
I beat myself up trynna be the better man, overstand

Chorus Iman Omari
You wanna know, how and where do we go
All we need is a tuck and a roll
All we need is the bass and some soul
All we need is the good vibes and so on... On on on
Track Name: Bywater Blue
Q: "..and twice the weed too."
B: "That's right. That's right. and then you gotta smoke that shit wet, cuz if it dry it's gonna crumble. I be like man, I've been smoking weed all my fuckin life almost. Ain't down with that shit yal is, cigar."
Q: "They be rolling them blunts all wet too."
B: "Blunts! Yeah you gotta be smoking that spit. I be like fuck this nigga I be thumbing them muthafuckas"

It's unknown this poetry in motion
The bleeding out the mouth but still smoke it
Can't read it out loud, but if he see it know he know it
Psycho but slow knife precise though
last termite that might chew through the lightbulb
it's Bywater blues the real steel magnolias
No Algiers round here, this new Angola
I can hear it in the plants, there's sunshine in there somewhere
I aint lying even in that big sky it right there
It's been some years you don't hear about the Fresh Air Fund
They must've cleaned up all the ghettos when the welfare cut
So here's my blue bag of bottles lady feed seeds with that
But don't buy dreams, can't buy a full night's sleep with that
Nowadays gentrification means stay away from Malcolm X
and that be the name of the street
Anyway why bother to demonstrate
they air the Godfather on Thanksgiving Day
pull back the foil to not deflect prayers on dinner platers
I only get fired up to make tears disintegrate
Before my levees break, out the huddle let's break the struggle on three
We've been out here too long, I got brothers to keep, lord

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