Your Brain On Drøøgs

from by Cavalier

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"Guess what? The lake of fire does exist. Hear? And you're either gonna wind up in immortal glorification or the lake of fire where the doomed of all ages mingle and commingle their voices, in such a diabolical way that it's inconceivable to man's mortal consciousness"

Verse 1

Prototype poetry innoculate em
chemtrail trace odor to they face
html code, culture copy and paste
college fund say my mind is terrible to waste
but still I find peril in the streets
These aint bars if the words are free
Each paragraph wise for kids who got no paras
or with I.E.P.s
Where they make dreams surrender
same streets the seeds arrested
The beast is tempted
Our memories and our mummies dismembered
they even selling off our placentas
got my old earth and the whole earth off center
my axis tormented, once bitten only sip the apple fermented
ripple effects; kids
beware of these droogs, strangers with candy
we're dazed and confused, thug's the new dandy
you can still find me riding dirty, Broadway and Chauncey
Hopes are still haunted, when my jewels form it's Infinity Gauntlet
Knock knock, door steps
The paint is aged but it's shiny
still rocking 'Lo that I copped in the 90s
but there's something bout the timing
Granny's hymnal like "devil get behind me"

Verse 2

If you can't see or be yourself, your mirror's broken
That's not the point of smokin' you're caught up in the moment
They got your voice tapped
what you gonna do
Destruction to the source, swine flu or typhoon
cuz if it was really about how much the pot roast exotic smoke
dope quotables, concubines with the flyest chochas
it'd be too much to quote, overkill,
murder he wrote, thrill seeking
the drill they run to will against my Kujichagulia
I know Maroons who teach and goons who got careers
and they say "Beware of these droogs.."
Only lead to ulcers, Eagle finds a vulture
let's take a Tebow knee-grow league, lord help us
Can't see what we believe, they've applied all filters
and from the wings the fade heavenly
pen got jade energy, Iman like an imam bless this bomb
so I could Tel Aviv, return of the knight black
Bela Lugosi, ghost of the White-flight
The new organic grocery don't sell my old spice... chill


from Lemonade EP, released September 23, 2015
written by Cavalier
prod by Iman Omari
additional vocals Iman Omari


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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