Heavy Crown

from by Cavalier

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Verse 1
Still giving a fuck though if I keep it basic
not trynna waste it over thinking patience racing to hold a fluid thought
with confusing forks on my walkway, the musk "Strangé"
but when it comes to this boom, nigga we Pompei <all day>
Could lick the sweat off the cheek of it, so close
Something to roast, So-Co, toast
when time's hard I draw my high magician card
measure the distance of what's missing it's by design, hit the spot
They merely study ways to be famous they not taming their lizard brain
They don't see the plain nor the rain in the desert
They don't know what he tapping into, what he put in his vein
They numb to the pain, the effervescent
Still, all these indecent horrors still harbor a decent aura got to
Start feeling sorry for yourself the army of darkness got you
Shouts to my brother Troy, sorry I aint get to stop you
from offing yourself, what could I offer you as possible
Faces I still see in the crowd like constellations
The space between dreaming and drowning like a conversation
Some only seek the laws of preservation
I've made it this far today must be my coronation, king me.

I'm trynna make it all across the board, king me x8

Verse 2
After I'm gone play my shit backwards, flash of a sulfur match
Let the flame capture the spirit of my message after the fact
Cuz it was more "Stay Black" than it was Maybach dippin
though I was flippin the bird at flatfoots, flippin a pack like flapjacks
Smoke em down to the filter, some of the acts was abstract
Smiles crack, backs get bitten
written off files, tax break victims hittin the days payroll
We overcast smoke, grey skulls
Same fate for bae bro, "too little too late", like a day old, same ole
survey saying I aint escaping unscathed
Serving your life or serving for murdering your own chains
Cliche they say for Black men to say they're kings
But on replay they blast every way they think they we aint
Bearing a heavy cross at every station
I've brought it this far, today must be my coronation, king me



from Lemonade EP, released September 23, 2015


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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