Renaissance feat. Iman Omari

from by Cavalier

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Verse 1

Rebirth, I just call it how I see it like it's falling out the ceiling
All these things we try to cement get swept away see the stream is
Main, like be the same when they pee and try to call it rain
Forgotten how to honor their names, place them on hurricanes
When tropical storm Trayvon, hit off of the shore he came from
Who's rocking the red crosses, who's walking the green mile
Cuz they locked on the wrong acres
Let's clear off the plantation
I'll plant an ace in the deck in a game of chance cuz Faith is
The fat lady singing but Big dreams
Still emanate past the grave like the lemonade stings sweet
Life after death be heaven on earth, Holiday Inn Suite
Or a Sam Cooke moment, rest in peace Pimp C
See that, c-note or penny's worth of thoughts
Either or we bout due for this renaissance

Chorus Iman Omari

We’re not too far
from what we truly
Getting back to
what we always knew.
You know the truth.

Verse 2

We smoke like it erases parts of the photo
Once spoke hard to gauge and reprocess the moment
My ode to fellow savants of these hard roads
Eyes closed, heart open Lamar Odums
LeVar Burtons star trekking to parts we can't see
Life in black and white make the rainbow hard to read
Don't be phased when they aim to disable your sorcery
My slang fandango, lingo hit the spot archery
The beat's Sagittarian, the bars from Mars
We caliphs of these areas you not free to police
So hold these and my savoir faire nonchalance
On this planet of apes you're either king or Donkey Kong
Wake up, I'm Dap yelling from my campus quad
In a school daze trynna' spark my renaissance


from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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