Go Brooklyn

from by Cavalier

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Verse 1

I was bumping Rob Base was too young to know bout easy rocks
Prison blocks to city blocks we kids was latching locks
Ecclesiastic cops easy wrapped half a population
Deface 'em with graffiti situations wasn't pretty
I don't recognize my city they tell me take it easy
Niggas want no pots to piss in
Can tell there's something missing
Miss them with that oopsy daisy
Some of them raised with Smith&s
If you prey you levitating
Is it that God's too busy
Or am I thinking small, that's little hat, that's Adebisi
Entrapment coppin' pleasies
Or trap, make it exquisite
But this that aphrodisiac it's Black and peasy baby
We actin' out their masterpiece theater
See they don't want to taste the porridge, it's too Moorish
A swan song sans chorus
Jaw breaker form, Joe Frazier arms
Haymakers before I buy the farm
I might re-forrest, I see the green and reach for it
My book an ashtray
I'm burning through the leaves, It's metaphoric fires
It's hard to body me it's Brooklyn born not foreign
Archeology for those who dig it post mortem

Go Brooklyn, a forty sack and a deuce deuce
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops
Go Brooklyn, the Forty Acres and Mule crew
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops
Go Brooklyn, a chew stick and a fruit juice
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops

Verse 2
Cav is chillin' Iman is chillin' what more can I say
We got stock piles of heat rocks on lock file
The b-sides like a full entree
But wait there's no more brujas in the kitchen
The suras in supresion all this hoopla in transmission
Got our movements in suspension
Had our Tru Life in the prison
Enough to send you swingin' Mint Condition
It's like Goliath versus David Dinkins
You don't want no beef
Paddy wagon heat dragon see that's the beast
Beauty pageant 'tween agony and tragedy
Instead of actin' free grabbin' tree switches
Atrazine in them apple seeds
Jack and bean stalks I'd rather torch, maybe Jack or Bean
But never rock and now they lean
And now it's fashionably to be acting like a feign
But not the one from microphone Rakim
So rest in peace to Radio Raheem


from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018
prod by Iman Omari
written by K. Cherry


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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