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Verse 1

They say the truth shall set you free so I suppose
Deep breath like 1,2, 3 then I let go
First thing, B.M.I.G. that is the code
All routes lead black to the tree original
Man stand on your own two feet
Retrace steps like 'damn, where'd we put our key?', it's critical
Visible with ease though it might cost you
Make you a little light, unfortunate
Touched by thoughts of homicide
Human beings turned lost souls
To haunt dreams I already won't doze
Eyes froze on free, close to where they close off
We cloak better with these clothes off
I evoke OG, my totem pole spread eagle with the Mozambique
He dove head first then feet, peace leap of faith
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head a relief with no face
But for some it goes deep
But it's the truth I speak, nothing but it
Let me tell you about this sh*t

Verse 2

First shell came through my window at like age twelve
To my wall, not my skull managed to escape hell
Second L came at me on Halloween, was fifteen
He aimed the pistol squeezed I achieved top speed while gaspin'
Later me and my boys was laughin'
Sad the paths to manhood laid for Black men
I puff the chalice, patient planning
For Feds crash my gate for evading taxes
All for my reenactment of the American way
So the next shells that come at me Imma' have to play
Tit for tat retaliate, toe-tag you it now you're under observation
Truth printed on your hospital bracelet
News clipping didn't quite get it right like
'What's his name again?'
The real be harsh like jagged pills, steel wool
So learn to heal wounds on the battle field
Cuz that's the real, and nothing but it
Let me tell you about this sh*t


from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018
prod. by Iman Omari
written by K. Cherry


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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