Open Season

from by Cavalier

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Out in the open baby
That's how they doing it, so that's how I'm doing it.

Yo they huntin' out in the open
I'm puffin' out in the open, baby
It come to me, I'm thuggin' out in the open
They want it out in the open, baby
I see the beast, they gunnin' out in the open
Say fuck 'em out in the open, baby
I puff the weed in public out in the open
They hunt us

Verse 1
I'm thinking bout the next 30 years
How to turn my prayers into cheers
without the wear and tear, wary tears
bandoleros like 'Cav, how you get so brolic?'
Well the weed hydroponic, the pen on hydraulics
See iconic be the sign of the comet
the fall catastrophic, the CD hot out the burner
so we drop it
and ya poetry is caka
mine written on the walls by cucarachas
it's pissing on the stoop by your zapatas
Silo beamed high flying piloting with winos
You listen to politicians, so what the fuck do I know?
This defiance not survival
The posture of the hostage
that turn away that bread and cheese
for you to break salat with, try it dog
Got the Tylenol and Final Call with bean pies
Not the Adderalls, got Dragon Balls Z's sleep time
Told you 'I got the juice', freeze dried
Marmalade for these pigs too
This that calm and crazy baby, streamlined


Verse 2
New Edition, true nutrition
Sufi spinning Uncle Luke to lubricate the system
Thunder blue tundra parka with the goose feather
On the Euclid bound local, loud peek-a-boo-ing
through my Lo sweater, it gets no better
I'm from that 'mama cooking while she blow a stog' era
I'm from that Brooklyn that's Polo and Guess all weather
But I can't romanticize it like 'if only then'
Time folds like roti skin
Trynna hold it down like Nostrand, Poison Pens
at commencement sang Boyz II Men, 'End Of The Road'
Penitentiary some was hoisted in, this me letting the voices live, boy
The boys try to choke it
The chicken smoke and mirrors got the area
smelling like disappointment
They armies got slogans
I pause and hit the spliff
The bars is uploading
I leave they Trojan Horse out in the open baby



from Private Stock, track released February 2, 2018
Produced by Iman Omari
written and performed by K. Cherry
additional vocals by Iman Omari
Mixed and mastered by Swarvy
Recorded by David D'angelo and K. Cherry in New Orleans, LA
Single cover art contains original photo by Abdul Azizl @PhotoAziz504
layout and graphic by @Cavwins


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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