My All feat. Billzegypt

from by Cavalier

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See I used to give my all
but useless it was when they called it 'alright', well alright
But I'm used to going hard, rocket Houston, we're achieving lifting off
If I'm delusional don't confuse me, could leave me I'll be alright <alright>
They wasn't listening at all, I was killin em with it, killin em
killin em so soft
If it's too new then it's flawed, or its 'alright' <alright>
I make em swallow that, the wrong pipe
These just Newton's Laws
the apple of their eye and still the fall guy
But if you acting smart they say you talk white
Can't dodge it when you're caught up in the crossfire
I watch it play out in my home, in my mosque that's my dome
wasn't missionary made her pray all night <all night>
She calls me 'Lord Jesus' when she bawls
I assure her my Khadija through it all that we'll be alright <alright>
cuz see I used to give my all

But I seen so many fall like it was alright
some is doing hard time locked up for them fort nights
some they play the hard white,
just like the chalk they use to trace you on the wrong night <wrong night>
Had to double up my reps, to set a new bar height
and hustle up the bread and stay away from carbs
never messed with the starch,
see that flour have you laying with them flowers
Cold facts, Klondike, Cronkite

We in that trap again, we think that rap won't stick like Vaseline
Got you petro and got you gasoline
but see that won't advance your being
I'm trynna take it to that astral plane
a place where you can't cash advance your way
But I can't cast away my dreams
each day I chance it, see I'm just a crash away
If I could make it happen any faster Imma have to pray and wait
either way I'm trynna wake up before my wake
You judging while you spectate in this race
and somehow that just makes it.... alright

Keep your energy up so high
Like you can spread your wings
Like you can fly
There's possibilities if you believe, you will see
Levitate your soul and your mind
No matter what you're feeling, it'll be alright
It will be alright, alright, aright
And now you got me singing
And now you got me singing


from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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