Doro Wat

from by Cavalier

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Verse 1

This god speak to the melaninth power
Streets hard, sh*t aint sweet if they sellin' you sour
Or the chowder, your recipe depends on your prowess
When they tell you crime don't pay but then they killin' your hours
I'm countin' these breaths, one, like I'm pinching dollars
The jungle switched laws to hunters in Impalas
Step in my elevator I'm just trynna' show you the view
The niggas celebratin' only a few
It's different rules, she on the balls I only gave her the cue
I oop-oop my main troops in case they're staging a coup
The room I panorama, I move smooth they sleep I'm pajama
Got it going on, Mogillah keep the bangers
I got the hammer on chisel etch-a-sketch catching wreck
Gristles get frazzled, my Nāgas get bizzle, I'm finna'
Crack heads like pyrex up next Cav winner
This ain't me so-so sh*t rhyming on a drum
This is me photosynthesizing with the sun, son
Solar heat corona's from my blunt
My Kielbasa on her tongue I sip Cachaça or the rum
They like 'Que pasa' or 'What up'
I'm like 'I'm good money'
Come and get it with me cuz you ain't gonna' get it from me
They like 'He keeps it real'
I'm like 'Nah, I keep it realer'
Never deaded to score cuz I know that life's my dealer

Life's my dealer
Cuz in Beantown we hit 'em with that yurp yurp
Even in the A we dish 'em out that yurp yurp
In both LAs on deck with the yurp yurp
Of course in BK you know we got that yurp, word
I linked Q with the yurp yurp
Came through to Saint Lou with the yurp yurp
I be on ferries, San Fran to Danbury
We sans worry January to January
Life's my dealer

Verse 2

I'm hooked on this dose of real sh*t
Got cheat codes so we can throw this kill switch
Got keynotes to speak oh so ill with
No bull you feel this, true fulfillment, finesse
The Kenzo, Benzo in gear
In the end zone ear to ear Denzel veneers
You gettin' cheddar in a no-fly zone
Then we should buy all the homes up in the D
If you trappin' need to acclimate and grow our own weed
We're oversaturated, open casket, closed cases
You tagging me in feeds
This ain't me rapping 'bout coco and the cut
This that Black gold, not Sunoco for the truck
What up Uhuru Sasa rocking fronts
Duckin' Chupacabra and user IDs thats .gov
You worried 'bout gettin' touched
I'm just puttin' out the feelers
Don't see death in my cards cuz I know that life's my dealer



from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018
prod. by Mogillah
written by K. Cherry
additional vocals by K. Zapata


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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