Bar Therapy feat Quelle Chris and Iman Omari

from by Cavalier

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Intro Cavalier

What are thoughts of freedom from the inside of a jail window
When it's too high to see out, the sky's out of reach out
Only tell the time from when they tell you it's time to eat, sleep
Maybe die discreetly
Land mines in a field of dreams, systemic or epidemic
Hard to make means out of sciences, syringes filled
Made miracle meals on evil appliances
What adds up to freedom
Measured by lives
Mine for instance

Verse 1 Cavalier

When yal was wishin' I was listenin' I pay attention
If you feel iffy or you bitchy then nigga say something
Closed mouths is never fed
Or they hamdullah keep it humble or apply to Everest
Elephantitis balls versus rhetoric
If we're too rowdy we too loud with that oowie
In that crowd we cum laude of that profound I just do me
He astounded at my leisure
Counter your search and seizure
I'm just grounded yet out of bounds
I've hid pounds in the freezer, mounds
Sing a song for Black hopes where the people could fly
Past judges and black cloaks, gavels, yards with gravel
Hazardous alleyways, smoke in the labyrinth
Annie are you okay, man in the mirror myths
Candidly I tackle this heavy bag rapid jabs
To hack the interface they'll have you acting like Bagger Vance
Ravenous, the only true feed I hunger for is freedom
The lord told me there was more
I open the door to greet him like

Chorus Iman Omari
Whenever this life tries to withhold
I'm keeping my heart and soul
I got to push on even when no one believes me
With all we take on, try not to let go
Cuz every man walks this road
But I'll push us on knowing that God will relieve me

Verse 2 Quelle Chris

Ayo Cav.
Some brains are hard to explain
Most hearts are tangled
I fade just try to catch my good side from every angle
We let shit slide on black hand sides much far too often
That's why fam that once laid beside now lays in coffins
We wake to speak about who's too fake
What's the new gossip?
That flash cause, it's rise and it's fall, victims forgotten
Po' shame, they don't remember your name and your plight
Just something new to talk about through the night
Fables of martyrs
I shed a tear or two when I go back
Listen to moments that hold much more than lyrics or raps
What was our motive? And what changed?
We say that we older but play the same games
Bodies we caught on our journeys we place the same blame
We puff enough to talk about how we be fucking up
And break bread through feminine auras rarely acknowledged
But I know, my brother, we human yet in the same super
The pearly gate was a coup
Candy painted and polished
By those before and behind us, my nigga



from Private Stock, released March 30, 2018
prod by Iman Omari and Paul 'Bae Bro' Wilson
written by K. Cherry, Iman Omari, G. Tennille
Additional vocals on outro by Johari 'SupaNova' James


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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