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by Cavalier

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01:04 video


released March 30, 2018

All songs produced by Iman Omari except:
#4 produced by Mogillah
#9 produced by Quelle Chris and Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
#14 produced by Jlbs and Iman Omari
All piano parts played by Bae Bro
"Holla Kid" saxophone by Tutty Amin
Arranged by Quelle Chris and Cavalier
Mixed and mastered by Markus Swarvy
Recorded by Iman Omari, BaeBro, Cavalier & David D’angelo
Executive Produced by Cavalier

Cover/Art Direction Cavalier
photos Patrick Melon | @melontao

Recorded in Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.


all rights reserved



Cavalier New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Open Season
Out in the open baby
That's how they doing it, so that's how I'm doing it.

Yo they huntin' out in the open
I'm puffin' out in the open, baby
It come to me, I'm thuggin' out in the open
They want it out in the open, baby
I see the beast, they gunnin' out in the open
Say fuck 'em out in the open, baby
I puff the weed in public out in the open
They hunt us

Verse 1
I'm thinking bout the next 30 years
How to turn my prayers into cheers
without the wear and tear, wary tears
bandoleros like 'Cav, how you get so brolic?'
Well the weed hydroponic, the pen on hydraulics
See iconic be the sign of the comet
the fall catastrophic, the CD hot out the burner
so we drop it
and ya poetry is caka
mine written on the walls by cucarachas
it's pissing on the stoop by your zapatas
Silo beamed high flying piloting with winos
You listen to politicians, so what the fuck do I know?
This defiance not survival
The posture of the hostage
that turn away that bread and cheese
for you to break salat with, try it dog
Got the Tylenol and Final Call with bean pies
Not the Adderalls, got Dragon Balls Z's sleep time
Told you 'I got the juice', freeze dried
Marmalade for these pigs too
This that calm and crazy baby, streamlined


Verse 2
New Edition, true nutrition
Sufi spinning Uncle Luke to lubricate the system
Thunder blue tundra parka with the goose feather
On the Euclid bound local, loud peek-a-boo-ing
through my Lo sweater, it gets no better
I'm from that 'mama cooking while she blow a stog' era
I'm from that Brooklyn that's Polo and Guess all weather
But I can't romanticize it like 'if only then'
Time folds like roti skin
Trynna hold it down like Nostrand, Poison Pens
at commencement sang Boyz II Men, 'End Of The Road'
Penitentiary some was hoisted in, this me letting the voices live, boy
The boys try to choke it
The chicken smoke and mirrors got the area
smelling like disappointment
They armies got slogans
I pause and hit the spliff
The bars is uploading
I leave they Trojan Horse out in the open baby

Track Name: Veritas
Verse 1

They say the truth shall set you free so I suppose
Deep breath like 1,2, 3 then I let go
First thing, B.M.I.G. that is the code
All routes lead black to the tree original
Man stand on your own two feet
Retrace steps like 'damn, where'd we put our key?', it's critical
Visible with ease though it might cost you
Make you a little light, unfortunate
Touched by thoughts of homicide
Human beings turned lost souls
To haunt dreams I already won't doze
Eyes froze on free, close to where they close off
We cloak better with these clothes off
I evoke OG, my totem pole spread eagle with the Mozambique
He dove head first then feet, peace leap of faith
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head a relief with no face
But for some it goes deep
But it's the truth I speak, nothing but it
Let me tell you about this sh*t

Verse 2

First shell came through my window at like age twelve
To my wall, not my skull managed to escape hell
Second L came at me on Halloween, was fifteen
He aimed the pistol squeezed I achieved top speed while gaspin'
Later me and my boys was laughin'
Sad the paths to manhood laid for Black men
I puff the chalice, patient planning
For Feds crash my gate for evading taxes
All for my reenactment of the American way
So the next shells that come at me Imma' have to play
Tit for tat retaliate, toe-tag you it now you're under observation
Truth printed on your hospital bracelet
News clipping didn't quite get it right like
'What's his name again?'
The real be harsh like jagged pills, steel wool
So learn to heal wounds on the battle field
Cuz that's the real, and nothing but it
Let me tell you about this sh*t
Track Name: Doro Wat
Verse 1

This god speak to the melaninth power
Streets hard, sh*t aint sweet if they sellin' you sour
Or the chowder, your recipe depends on your prowess
When they tell you crime don't pay but then they killin' your hours
I'm countin' these breaths, one, like I'm pinching dollars
The jungle switched laws to hunters in Impalas
Step in my elevator I'm just trynna' show you the view
The niggas celebratin' only a few
It's different rules, she on the balls I only gave her the cue
I oop-oop my main troops in case they're staging a coup
The room I panorama, I move smooth they sleep I'm pajama
Got it going on, Mogillah keep the bangers
I got the hammer on chisel etch-a-sketch catching wreck
Gristles get frazzled, my Nāgas get bizzle, I'm finna'
Crack heads like pyrex up next Cav winner
This ain't me so-so sh*t rhyming on a drum
This is me photosynthesizing with the sun, son
Solar heat corona's from my blunt
My Kielbasa on her tongue I sip Cachaça or the rum
They like 'Que pasa' or 'What up'
I'm like 'I'm good money'
Come and get it with me cuz you ain't gonna' get it from me
They like 'He keeps it real'
I'm like 'Nah, I keep it realer'
Never deaded to score cuz I know that life's my dealer

Life's my dealer
Cuz in Beantown we hit 'em with that yurp yurp
Even in the A we dish 'em out that yurp yurp
In both LAs on deck with the yurp yurp
Of course in BK you know we got that yurp, word
I linked Q with the yurp yurp
Came through to Saint Lou with the yurp yurp
I be on ferries, San Fran to Danbury
We sans worry January to January
Life's my dealer

Verse 2

I'm hooked on this dose of real sh*t
Got cheat codes so we can throw this kill switch
Got keynotes to speak oh so ill with
No bull you feel this, true fulfillment, finesse
The Kenzo, Benzo in gear
In the end zone ear to ear Denzel veneers
You gettin' cheddar in a no-fly zone
Then we should buy all the homes up in the D
If you trappin' need to acclimate and grow our own weed
We're oversaturated, open casket, closed cases
You tagging me in feeds
This ain't me rapping 'bout coco and the cut
This that Black gold, not Sunoco for the truck
What up Uhuru Sasa rocking fronts
Duckin' Chupacabra and user IDs thats .gov
You worried 'bout gettin' touched
I'm just puttin' out the feelers
Don't see death in my cards cuz I know that life's my dealer

Track Name: My All feat. Billzegypt
See I used to give my all
but useless it was when they called it 'alright', well alright
But I'm used to going hard, rocket Houston, we're achieving lifting off
If I'm delusional don't confuse me, could leave me I'll be alright <alright>
They wasn't listening at all, I was killin em with it, killin em
killin em so soft
If it's too new then it's flawed, or its 'alright' <alright>
I make em swallow that, the wrong pipe
These just Newton's Laws
the apple of their eye and still the fall guy
But if you acting smart they say you talk white
Can't dodge it when you're caught up in the crossfire
I watch it play out in my home, in my mosque that's my dome
wasn't missionary made her pray all night <all night>
She calls me 'Lord Jesus' when she bawls
I assure her my Khadija through it all that we'll be alright <alright>
cuz see I used to give my all

But I seen so many fall like it was alright
some is doing hard time locked up for them fort nights
some they play the hard white,
just like the chalk they use to trace you on the wrong night <wrong night>
Had to double up my reps, to set a new bar height
and hustle up the bread and stay away from carbs
never messed with the starch,
see that flour have you laying with them flowers
Cold facts, Klondike, Cronkite

We in that trap again, we think that rap won't stick like Vaseline
Got you petro and got you gasoline
but see that won't advance your being
I'm trynna take it to that astral plane
a place where you can't cash advance your way
But I can't cast away my dreams
each day I chance it, see I'm just a crash away
If I could make it happen any faster Imma have to pray and wait
either way I'm trynna wake up before my wake
You judging while you spectate in this race
and somehow that just makes it.... alright

Keep your energy up so high
Like you can spread your wings
Like you can fly
There's possibilities if you believe, you will see
Levitate your soul and your mind
No matter what you're feeling, it'll be alright
It will be alright, alright, aright
And now you got me singing
And now you got me singing
Track Name: El Sol
24 karat niggas.
Easter clothes.
Tobasco eggs, Cliquot rose.
Farina smile wit my last pinner
I'm a winner and a savage like Pete Rose..
Cuz when the sun hit it. aye
Cuz when the sun hit it. aye
Cuz when son hit

Verse 1
My Black boy joy got no soy content
Not your guy or the goy, I'm like Old Bay hotness
Yo soy the McCoy of the Oy vey palm print
Hold your head, roll up in the six
That's the Jenna von Oÿ like 'whoa' old boy has blossomed
They annoyed, we anoint
Hash oil on a joint fast forward
We done broke subconscious
Now we buoyant, just enjoy
And it's litty like her mama went food shopping
Three sixty waves pop from granny's shoe stockings
Who said you can't open toe with those heels?
He eatin' no frills with the gold grills
Holla if you're Black making all that you can crack
Still awesome when you're mackin' from your Altima or Maxima
And these tens I keep 'em clean though
Smoked out two friends just off a dimo

Cuz when the sun hit it. aye
Cuz when the sun hit it. aye
Cuz when son hit

This ain't game, that's an insult
This thin chain love, it's tinsel
We cabbage patchin' like we kinfolk
My baby match me like we twins though
Polo cookies or the dookie rope
So chill they scared we don't be boastin'
These is spooky coats
It's not the gear we persevere like 'yeah we Gucci though'
I'll make a hoopty glow
Dumb out for bread, that'd be estupido
Son is hearing to a hearing aide
Ron Isley falsettos over ghettos be the serenade
It's like Christmas Day pair of Js
Or missing trial cuz your district judge cleared the case
get it aye
You try to hate, I be like try again
Cuz when I blew up they went and cued up little violins
See if you grew up where we grew up in this environment
You'd see we're not the product
We're the product times ten

Track Name: Holla Kid
Verse 1
I'm on my Don Dada shit, Tribe of Dan, Damballah
pitch black mamba, hiss, triple stage consciousness
All that shit and a bag of Utz
Vintage can of St. Ides with a Spanish fly, platitudes
Never rapped about the Lexus coups but passed the test
knew five beans could get you bread and a can of soup
And that aint even haram though
More chips for the sticky green, the tippy tippy tambo
I had em Billy Jean, hit the scene the whole block glow, they lit
I switch from rubber bands to binder clips, knots, but I aint rich
I'm trynna set sights on more dire shit, real retirement
So I'm lamped where the trees stay green past November
Acid in the cemetery, axe playing tenor
Under water with the walking dead
I had to put heart on this beat to torment ya head
I know cats behind bars adorned with a fez
Or shorties who could shoplift a pregnancy test
These the eggs of the nest
So catch me on the corner of the new necropolis
The last weed man in the apocalypse
Holla kid

Verse 2
Even white baby Jesus bump it

Mine stir the soul
My shit streak the bowl

Knows the face of joy and pain is Esther Rolle
Trynna hit a zone on ‘em

These Amazon jungles they trynna drop drones on me
Searching with the chrome for me, there's no low pro
It's high brow with a hot comb flow
It's foreign ground, I'm E.T. trynna phone homies
I'm breaking free the ceiling's made of bone only
So don't push me, I'm close, know the ledge
From the tree of life I smoke foliage
I'm heavy handed cuz my joints is obese
But flying high the sky starts at my feet
This backbone, my book spine reads "The Life of the Chief"
But Cavalier, not the same King James slicing a giant peach
This reach broadband for shorthand getting this carpet to fly shit
Rare like 90s Chocolate Thai spliffs, whoa
This dope 'in the house' like Jerome
I'm reppin for those dressing like they just getting home
The stroll sad tone saxophone, who can't get a 'pass go'
Or chance to hit em on the horn like
Track Name: Renaissance feat. Iman Omari
Verse 1

Rebirth, I just call it how I see it like it's falling out the ceiling
All these things we try to cement get swept away see the stream is
Main, like be the same when they pee and try to call it rain
Forgotten how to honor their names, place them on hurricanes
When tropical storm Trayvon, hit off of the shore he came from
Who's rocking the red crosses, who's walking the green mile
Cuz they locked on the wrong acres
Let's clear off the plantation
I'll plant an ace in the deck in a game of chance cuz Faith is
The fat lady singing but Big dreams
Still emanate past the grave like the lemonade stings sweet
Life after death be heaven on earth, Holiday Inn Suite
Or a Sam Cooke moment, rest in peace Pimp C
See that, c-note or penny's worth of thoughts
Either or we bout due for this renaissance

Chorus Iman Omari

We’re not too far
from what we truly
Getting back to
what we always knew.
You know the truth.

Verse 2

We smoke like it erases parts of the photo
Once spoke hard to gauge and reprocess the moment
My ode to fellow savants of these hard roads
Eyes closed, heart open Lamar Odums
LeVar Burtons star trekking to parts we can't see
Life in black and white make the rainbow hard to read
Don't be phased when they aim to disable your sorcery
My slang fandango, lingo hit the spot archery
The beat's Sagittarian, the bars from Mars
We caliphs of these areas you not free to police
So hold these and my savoir faire nonchalance
On this planet of apes you're either king or Donkey Kong
Wake up, I'm Dap yelling from my campus quad
In a school daze trynna' spark my renaissance
Track Name: Medicine Man feat Moruf and Blvck Spvde
Verse 1 Moruf

Damn son we get it popping like hand-guns
Wait till fam come skip to that loot with no and one
They say you are what you choose to be
Bad habits turn to that lifestyle probably lead to the eulogy, damn
Some niggas is in some niggas is flukes
How ya homie hitting highs but he still on the stoop
Swear to God I’m writing scribes when I listen to loops
How these niggas living lies but still could claim they the truth, damn
Stone cold 3:16 sipping my brewski
Phone home we flip things riding that hooptie on a Saturday
A couple of things that I had to say
Some situations heard you had to pay it’s all love
Summertime chill with the broady, let your cool bling
Homie had the ambition a couple hoop dreams
Situation with ya cousin thinking twice
Caught a body in Atlanta heard yal niggas doing life
Split second how these skies is hella grey
I heard ya shorty wilding, another baby on the way
You should’ve followed intuition
Another good nigga making bad decisions

Medicine man lend me your ear
let me listen to your way
Doctor remove my eyes no surprise
Just reveal my lane

Verse 2 Cavalier
When keeping it real go right though
Had to tell her chill can't make ill plans for new life though
Verse and the session got skeletons
It's a thriller watch me ghost dance let the hurricane settle in
Delicate, give a f*ck or celibate
strict drug regiment quick judgements is embezzlement
When you're just trynna make sense of it
The settlement I'm setting sail to sediment
Can't be set in sand, that would be settling
That's unsettling, backwards pedaling
Adverb, luckily ancestors agree my life's worth meddling
Head banging the boom bits, head aching too big
Extra Excedrin et cetera et cetera
There's no revisions surgeons can't reverse incisions
We'd be worse friends if I made you my Earth
Without nurturing your giving tree
That'd be too cavalier, not chivalry
See you when I see you, If I see you keep it civil please
Should have followed intuition

Track Name: Watch Me feat Quelle Chris and Iman Omari
Verse 1 Cavalier

Let this be the realest shit I ever wrote until next time
I could never pen this to my heads doing fed time
Tension got me butting heads with kin on the bread line
Reverend say they got the cure but never the enzyme, ugh
Let’s chase ends, death rites,
What’s patience when the latest chic I dated now a patient on a test site
She said they gonna get her eventual
Either that or dead us just for being a potential
Fight the sobriety to fight my anxiety
Seen dude order Chinese while sporting an IV, hard wired
To not age graceful Bill Cartwright
Shine after you die, star light
Light up another one, this all nighter sponsored by the blood moon
My ‘brother from another mother’ mother passed too soon
So I’m wondering just how we notice this
Click notifications, remote condolences
Try to chip the shoulders of a soloist
That’s upholding the globe and then question the cold, polar shift
Slice of life a la mode, the piece that I’m past due
Cause I know the way to go don’t mean that I have to but watch me…

Watch Me X 8

Verse 2 Quelle Chris
I have to know, what this got to do with the afterlife
Why we gotta wait to come back to life
I aint bout to offer no soul to soul
Sometimes however you get it, it’s just how it goes
Sometimes however you set it, it’s just domino
Effect its bound to connect on sight kinetic breeze
The space of mind it takes to make peace with time
Is a long lease but a short leash and I’m
Counting the good times and we lucky we got em
Trying to keep my pace and a Jefferson bop
Just remember the faces you lucky to spot
When the mothers with love and they brothers could stop,
Watchin’, So watch me

Watch Me x 8

Verse 3 Iman Omari

And suffering.
I wonder could it be
what you’re following?
You posses
the remedy
cause all you’ll see is you
when you're watching me
(When your watching me)
And suffering.
I wonder could it be
what you’re following?
You posses
the remedy
cause all you’ll see is you
when you're watching me
(When your watching me)
Track Name: Bar Therapy feat Quelle Chris and Iman Omari
Intro Cavalier

What are thoughts of freedom from the inside of a jail window
When it's too high to see out, the sky's out of reach out
Only tell the time from when they tell you it's time to eat, sleep
Maybe die discreetly
Land mines in a field of dreams, systemic or epidemic
Hard to make means out of sciences, syringes filled
Made miracle meals on evil appliances
What adds up to freedom
Measured by lives
Mine for instance

Verse 1 Cavalier

When yal was wishin' I was listenin' I pay attention
If you feel iffy or you bitchy then nigga say something
Closed mouths is never fed
Or they hamdullah keep it humble or apply to Everest
Elephantitis balls versus rhetoric
If we're too rowdy we too loud with that oowie
In that crowd we cum laude of that profound I just do me
He astounded at my leisure
Counter your search and seizure
I'm just grounded yet out of bounds
I've hid pounds in the freezer, mounds
Sing a song for Black hopes where the people could fly
Past judges and black cloaks, gavels, yards with gravel
Hazardous alleyways, smoke in the labyrinth
Annie are you okay, man in the mirror myths
Candidly I tackle this heavy bag rapid jabs
To hack the interface they'll have you acting like Bagger Vance
Ravenous, the only true feed I hunger for is freedom
The lord told me there was more
I open the door to greet him like

Chorus Iman Omari
Whenever this life tries to withhold
I'm keeping my heart and soul
I got to push on even when no one believes me
With all we take on, try not to let go
Cuz every man walks this road
But I'll push us on knowing that God will relieve me

Verse 2 Quelle Chris

Ayo Cav.
Some brains are hard to explain
Most hearts are tangled
I fade just try to catch my good side from every angle
We let shit slide on black hand sides much far too often
That's why fam that once laid beside now lays in coffins
We wake to speak about who's too fake
What's the new gossip?
That flash cause, it's rise and it's fall, victims forgotten
Po' shame, they don't remember your name and your plight
Just something new to talk about through the night
Fables of martyrs
I shed a tear or two when I go back
Listen to moments that hold much more than lyrics or raps
What was our motive? And what changed?
We say that we older but play the same games
Bodies we caught on our journeys we place the same blame
We puff enough to talk about how we be fucking up
And break bread through feminine auras rarely acknowledged
But I know, my brother, we human yet in the same super
The pearly gate was a coup
Candy painted and polished
By those before and behind us, my nigga

Track Name: Go Brooklyn
Verse 1

I was bumping Rob Base was too young to know bout easy rocks
Prison blocks to city blocks we kids was latching locks
Ecclesiastic cops easy wrapped half a population
Deface 'em with graffiti situations wasn't pretty
I don't recognize my city they tell me take it easy
Niggas want no pots to piss in
Can tell there's something missing
Miss them with that oopsy daisy
Some of them raised with Smith&s
If you prey you levitating
Is it that God's too busy
Or am I thinking small, that's little hat, that's Adebisi
Entrapment coppin' pleasies
Or trap, make it exquisite
But this that aphrodisiac it's Black and peasy baby
We actin' out their masterpiece theater
See they don't want to taste the porridge, it's too Moorish
A swan song sans chorus
Jaw breaker form, Joe Frazier arms
Haymakers before I buy the farm
I might re-forrest, I see the green and reach for it
My book an ashtray
I'm burning through the leaves, It's metaphoric fires
It's hard to body me it's Brooklyn born not foreign
Archeology for those who dig it post mortem

Go Brooklyn, a forty sack and a deuce deuce
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops
Go Brooklyn, the Forty Acres and Mule crew
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops
Go Brooklyn, a chew stick and a fruit juice
That and two Arsenio whoop whoops

Verse 2
Cav is chillin' Iman is chillin' what more can I say
We got stock piles of heat rocks on lock file
The b-sides like a full entree
But wait there's no more brujas in the kitchen
The suras in supresion all this hoopla in transmission
Got our movements in suspension
Had our Tru Life in the prison
Enough to send you swingin' Mint Condition
It's like Goliath versus David Dinkins
You don't want no beef
Paddy wagon heat dragon see that's the beast
Beauty pageant 'tween agony and tragedy
Instead of actin' free grabbin' tree switches
Atrazine in them apple seeds
Jack and bean stalks I'd rather torch, maybe Jack or Bean
But never rock and now they lean
And now it's fashionably to be acting like a feign
But not the one from microphone Rakim
So rest in peace to Radio Raheem
Track Name: State Of Mind feat Georgia Anne Muldrow
Verse 1
Candidly I asked the commander in chief, most high
What they had in the world in his hands for me
If pulsars are made from the same matter as me
How can they question if mine matters regarding manners of being
Sarcastically, I asked the commander in chief, one time
Why assholery and harassing me came naturally
And gunfire, or any abstract way to massacre me
Placebo or panacea I feed on the cannabis leaf
Yo they try to throw Harriet Tub on the front of a dub
Hilarious when little White girls in the club
Got one rolled to do rails, but not underground
If only she could see us now
Can't wash the blood off our hands with Flint water
But you can take the life of a man in Florida
Simply if you can stand
My internal jihad on this inferno of these blocks that we live
We in the burn unit or unify to burn a bridge
See it's not just levels it's layers
Why the onion leave 'em in tears
Or how the other onion leave you in numbers on the tier
These be the swears
Down the halls where you could only talk with the mirrors
It's confronted in rubber rooms or when hunted in riot gears
But am I lying

I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
But see that suit me fine
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
Forgot my picket sign
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
My cotton picking mind
I guess I'm out my cotton picking mind
I guess I'm out my cotton picking

Verse 2 Georgia Anne Muldrow

How could a texture so soft and cloud like
Leave a life so bloody
Or leave a hand so soily
Reaching for it's whiteness
Many leaves have rose and fell
Back to the Earth to tell
That the sunlit mind been through hell
Been bluesin' through a spell
To this very day on
So please don't drink the bleach
That ain't the drank to drink
Recharge with the stars
That shine where you are just swab the dew
Get up out that cotton pickin' mind
Get up out that cotton picking mind
Get up out that cotton picking mind
Get up out of there
Get up out of there
Free your mind and go and fight
Get up out that cotton picking mind
Track Name: Reprise feat Iman Omari
Verse 1
I got her name tattooed on my chest
I'm chasing Amy retracing my steps, smoke tracing my breaths
I still smell her clove linger off of Lefferts and Grand
If you don't know bout love or death then you just won't understand
I'm reminiscent like a Chester Higgins
From where clips see empty like they're pessimistic
Impressionistic my frustration from painting a portrait that's so vivid
And they still couldn't get it, from thin air
I'm trynna whittle it away before it withers away
Once bitten now it slithered away
My sky blue now digital ray
My requiem for my street
But technically the equity seeked is not equity banked
Before it tanks I'll give thanks when techs bang on this beat
Yo we need to bring back weed spots
We need to bring back weed spots, I'm trynna tell ya
It's not nostalgia, this been my style for a while
These closet bangers
These moves is timing, Tutankhamun
Common threads, Kama Sutra guided common sense
Santana riffs, banana Nutrament, bandana kids
Sandbagging sandwich bag master plans from a few zips
Like skeoops
I know the Stuy smell like trees at night
I know these blocks from my dreams at night
I know some opps trynna read these rights
100K off of these here bikes, I know the feels

Verse 2

I got her name tattooed on my chest
I'm chasing Amy replaying this test between reflect or forget
Still feel her essence on New York between Bergen and Dean
If you ain't blessed to know bout loss
Then you can't learn what I mean
These is Kings Plaza stanzas en confianza
Sponsored by OG somber nights give cold reminders
I part ways with entourages when it's off or too tra la la la
It ain't about whats popular if it ain't on my parabola
Phantom of your opera rocking High John the Conqueror
Blocking cyclops hate with the Hamsa hand of the Fatima
Jamie Foxx on 'em, talk to the hand
The Bronx 80 blocks from her, I'm just 28 grams
Just an ounce
We down river they already took our grounds
We just kids from the Crown
Heights of the Empire State and now it's like they trynna take us out
I know the feels, the feels they in my house
I know the feels, the feels
I know the feels, the feels
How it feels when they taking all your dreams out your fields
I know the feels, the feels
I know the feels, the feels
How it feels when they taking all your dreams out your fields

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